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Asking Yourself the Right Questions, with Khe Hy

This week I spoke with Khe Hy, writer of Rad Reads. We talk about asking ourselves important questions and looking deeper into our own basic assumptions.  Following the recurring theme of career transitions, Khe once worked for 15 years on Wall Street, which he quit after recognizing that success to him looked different than he had assumed. Now he's a writer, coach and teaches workshops on the organization and productivity tool, Notion.  I really loved the way Khe "nudges" people with the right questions (but in a supportive way).

Making Weird Projects Profitable with Jason Zook

This week, I recorded a conversation with Jason Zook.  Jason has one of the most unique career paths I've ever seen. He literally sold his last name (twice!) and has constantly done something unexpected in the creator space while still managing to make a solid income from it.   What I love and appreciate about Jason is how open is he is about sharing his ups and downs. His new book just hit the Amazon shelves. It's called Own Your Weird. We talk about pairing weirdness and business in this week's conversation...

From Laid off to CEO of the Same Company, Meet Sarah Avenir

Today I chat with Sarah Avenir about her career journey, from Freelancer, to employee to CEO. She's the author of Gather the People, a book about human marketing, and the current CEO of Andyet – an agency that helps businesses build better customer relationships. Read the blog:

Starting a Youtube Channel and Breaking into Tech, Meet Mayuko

In this episode I chat with Mayuko, a YouTube and programmer who helps people get acquainted with breaking into the tech scene of Silicon Valley.

Making a Career Transition with Jay Clouse

When do you know if it's the right time to make a career transition? What are the common mistakes, fears, and concerns? Jay Clouse from Unreal Collective and I hop on to discuss what's on our minds and what might be on your mind around this topic.

Community Building with David Spinks

I hopped on with David Spinks to discuss the state of "Community Professionals" and his work developing this industry with All rights reserved